Asot Michael – A Champion of Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean Island of Antigua was visited by Christopher Columbus and has been colonized by Great Britain, and the French. The nearby island of Barbuda was also colonized in 1678. Both Antigua and Barbuda gained their independence in 1981. Since its independence, Antigua and Barbuda have been led by innovative thinking leaders like Asot Michael. Asot is a third-generation Antiguan who is interested in political administration. Asot Michael currently serves as a Parliament Member and a member of both Caribbean islands’ Labour Parties. 


With his commitment to his homeland and the nearby community of Barbuda, Michael works hard to champion the daily lives of the islanders. Asot Michael accomplishes this through political change, economic growth, and systemic changes. Asot Michael successful areas of service have included assistant to the Honorable Lester Bryant Bird (1994 to 2004) the former Prime Minister. His leadership skills and civic duty experiences have parlayed his business and economic acumen to leadership positions. 


These include up to the day the Minister of State, Minister of Public Works, Communications, Insurance and St. John’s Development. Additional jobs to accelerate the growth of Antigua and Barbuda include the Minister of Investment and Trade of Antigua and Barbuda. The Minister of Tourism. Asot Michael serves as the Economic Development Chair, Investment, and Energy leader at Antigua and Barbuda. 

The honorable politician Asot Michael is also the successful co-founder and CEO at the outstanding Asot’s Global Casino Arcade. Past groundbreaking governmental positions included Senator and Leader of Government Business in the Upper House of Parliament at Antigua and Barbuda. As an advocate for small businesses, the honorable politician Asot Michael has made very significant changes in both islands’ commerce, tourism, public growth sectors like security, safety, social justice, and public infrastructure improving the lives of all citizens.