IOA Sports Partners: John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour

The fundamentals of insurance are organizing, anticipating and covering risks. Most insurance companies, including the Insurance Office of America, are trying to find convenient ways of covering risks in different industries with a customer-focused approach. For decades, the Insurance Office of America has worked toward enhancing their role of supporting sports teams through partnership and […]

Asot Michael – A Champion of Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean Island of Antigua was visited by Christopher Columbus and has been colonized by Great Britain, and the French. The nearby island of Barbuda was also colonized in 1678. Both Antigua and Barbuda gained their independence in 1981. Since its independence, Antigua and Barbuda have been led by innovative thinking leaders like Asot Michael. […]

Former SEC Risk Analyst Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris Gives an Extensive Look into Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is a lead trainer in Finance. One of the most recent battles in the finance education sector has been understanding the correct meaning of the words training and learning. Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, formerly of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), where he served as a risk analyst, is set […]

Eric Lefkofsky´s Breakthrough Company Tempus Making Strides in Medical AI

Eric Lefkofsky started the company Tempus to deliver artificial intelligence to doctors and researchers, focusing on precision medicine. The company’s intention is to help physicians acclimate to new ways of working in their focus field of cancer. Not only did Tempus’ launch succeed in its endeavor, but they also expanded into cardiology and depression as […]