Dr. Bharat Lall CEO of Pinnacle Hotels

Bharat Lall is also known as Dr. Barry Lall and is the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels, headquartered in San Diego, California. Dr. Barry Lall has worked has worked diligently on selling properties through various locations since 2006 to include Texas, California, and Ohio. He has further flipped many properties over the years increasing his business profile. Barry Lall as a physician in California prior to securing a loan to purchase a motel near a United States Navy base. He worked hard to make improvements to the motel such as landscaping, new paint, and refurbish the buildings. While he was working on this property, he still practiced medicine and took his lunch breaks to do laundry and cleaning at the motel to help get it up and running as soon as possible. After working on the motel property, Dr. Lall partnered with some friends to form a hotel company, purchasing distressed properties facing foreclosure to refurbish them.

All though all partners had little experience in the hospitality or management business, they used their visions to help them improve the company as a whole. One of the first and foremost things Dr. Lall and his team work on is ensuring all the employees know the vision of the company and implement clear communication with everyone to ensure the business is successful. Setting high expectations with the team and clients set the tone and everyone knows what to expect from the business. Since the leaders have a clear ability to understand people, helping all employees reach their goals and aspirations is important to bring everyone together.