Former SEC Risk Analyst Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris Gives an Extensive Look into Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is a lead trainer in Finance. One of the most recent battles in the finance education sector has been understanding the correct meaning of the words training and learning. Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, formerly of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), where he served as a risk analyst, is set to bring an end to this puzzle. His current role is with Kogod School of Business, where he serves as chair in Finance. Dr. Jeffrey is a renowned and reliable analyst; hence, his views significantly affect the Online Trading Academy.

After extensive interaction with OTA’s courses, Dr. Jeffrey has established the education offered at OTA is quality. He has had a chance to go through the teaching materials that the school uses. Further, to have a deep understanding of the school, he has been present at the school’s virtual learning. In general, he has interacted with every aspect of OTA, including CliK, a platform created for trading. Dr. Jeffrey’s impact on financial education is felt across the board. Together with OTA, he is determined to reach financial education to the people who don’t have a chance to access such knowledge. Further, he has acknowledged the quality of investment education offered by OTA as rare and that most financial education institutions lack.

According to Dr. Jeffrey, going to OTA for financial studies is the same as attending a renowned University. In his analysis of the course materials of OTA, he has established that the school’s curriculum has placed it at a competitive level with other prominent institutions. OTA has proven to offer practical lessons which students can apply in their various ventures. Those who go through the OTA curriculum have been found to make better investments and are very competitive when trading.

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