IOA Sports Partners: John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour

The fundamentals of insurance are organizing, anticipating and covering risks. Most insurance companies, including the Insurance Office of America, are trying to find convenient ways of covering risks in different industries with a customer-focused approach. For decades, the Insurance Office of America has worked toward enhancing their role of supporting sports teams through partnership and offering them customized coverages. John Ritenour notes that IOA’s collaboration with athletes and sports teams has thrived because of their personalized care commitment.

John Ritenour founded Insurance Office of America in 1988 and he continues giving support guidance to the company to date. John’s son, Heath Ritenour, is currently the Chief Executive Officer of IOA. He notes that the insurance company’s willingness to offer value and hard work over the years is what has made it remain at the top in the insurance industry.

How IOA Offer Insurance Coverage to Major Sports Teams

Offering insurance cover to sports teams is obscuring. John Ritenour, notes that football is one of the riskiest sports. It has complicated issues and potential pitfalls like any other sport. An insurance agent needs to know about the team to offer the right insurance coverage to a sports team to cover any potential problems and dangers. You have to know every activity and business the sports team engages in to not miss out on important details when recommending the best insurance coverage.

John Ritenour notes that one of the most significant roles of an insurance professional is to mitigate your client’ risks. You have to find blind spots and educate your client on the potential risks. After making them aware of the known risks and dangers, you leave a decision to them whether they want to buy an insurance policy for the danger or not. Your role as an insurance professional is not to sell insurance policies but to make your customers aware of risks and dangers.

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