Krishen Iyer Industrialist of the Year

Krishen Iyer was born in India. After completing high school, he attended the University of Bombay where he received his degree in chemical engineering. Krishen Iyer worked for several oil companies throughout India and moved to Malaysia around 1963 when there was an increased need for petroleum engineers due to the worldwide demand for energy sources during this period. 


After working in Malaysia for some time, Krishen Iyer decided to immigrate to America because there were more job opportunities. He moved back to India before moving again to Los Angeles where he spent the rest of his life. The businessman eventually became the president of Petronas Oil Company in Malaysia, where he worked for over two decades. Krishen Iyer was known for his leadership and contributed a lot to the Malaysian economy. Krishen Iyer played a huge role in Malaysia’s development of their oil industry which earned him numerous awards.


This includes being named “Industrialist of the Year” by Manufacturing World Magazine. Krishen Iyer is also known for starting Petronas Derivatives Trading Sdn Bhd. This firm made Malaysia one of the top exporters of LNG (liquefied natural gas). In addition, Krishen Iyer negotiated many deals with other countries such as Thailand and South Korea so they could have access to this energy source too. He retired from Petronas Oil Company in 1993 after accomplishing all goals he set out to achieve. 


However, successful businessman and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer didn’t stop working there for his professional career. He became a senior advisor to the Board of Directors for Petronas and he also served as president of Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC). Krishen was married with two children and three grandchildren. His family means everything to him and his biggest joy in life is spending time with them. When it comes down to work, no task intimidates him because he is very confident that he will be able to complete all tasks successfully every single time.