Miki Agrawal: Eco-Friendly Projects for a Better Life

Millions of trees are cut down in the US for the manufacture of toilet paper. That is not environmentally friendly. Even if you replace the cut-down trees by planting others, they will still take time to grow and mature. In 2020, there was a massive shortage of tissue paper. Though it was not attributed to lack of trees, the panic buying due to the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in the shortage. Even then, how safe is the use of a paper towel for our health? That is the question Miki Agrawal asks herself and many others.

Miki Agrawal is a renowned entrepreneur and author who focuses on eco-friendly projects to help make a better place for human life. Her first project was WILD. WILD is a restaurant initially found in New York, and its main aim is to serve gluten-free pizza. The restaurant ensures that all the ingredients used when making the pizza are fresh from the farm. Miki Agrawal later formed the THINX. THINX is a company that focuses on the production of reusable underwear used during the menstrual flow. Through corporate social responsibility, the company also helps donate sanitary towels to schoolgirls in Uganda, Africa.

Miki Agrawal always thought that toilet paper is not suitable for human health. They are major causes of infections in the genitals, itching, fissures, and hemorrhoids. Through her latest project, TUSHY, she endorsed that instead of tissue papers, bidets were better. A bidet is an oval basin placed in the washroom to wash the genital and anal areas.

In March 2020, the sales in TUSHY increased by ten times due to the shortage of tissue paper. It might be expensive when installing it, but you will never have to use the money on tissue paper. The better part is that you stay healthy as you save the environment.