PosiGen and Its Solar Energy Solution

PosiGen provides solar power energy to disadvantaged people who otherwise cannot afford it. This service started when its founders conceptualized forming a company capable of changing the norm; people of color, low income, and middle-income families rarely accessed services equitably with other Americans. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart explains how the company’s founders’ idea began following the devastating Hurricane Katrina that left many people homeless and unable to resettle. 


By bringing solar energy to these disadvantaged communities, PosiGen solar power company helps them to improve their lifestyles in very different ways enabling them to save. PosiGen provides this service charging a utility bill that is more affordable than other energy sources, enabling people to save on money that they could not save while using other energy sources. PosiGen CEO keeps on explaining that they have two options for its clients: purchasing and leasing. However, the leasing option continues to attract the largest number of subscribers to its services, which is a testament to PosiGen’s achievement of its goals. Leasing is more attractive than purchasing for various reasons. 


For instance, after PosiGen solar power company installs the solar energy system, it includes maintenance and monitoring. Besides, many customers prefer it since they do not have to pay an upfront payment like the case with the purchasing option. However, the company’s customers only remit payments every month, but at more affordable rates than other energy sources. In offering these services, PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart points out that the company manages to change the lives of disadvantaged people in the U.S. It also employs this population wherever working in areas where they’re available. Besides, PosiGen’s use of solar energy is beneficial to the environment, considering that this energy does not release any toxins to the environment. 


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