Transparency the Solution for Building Wealth, Says Entrepreneur James Gutierrez

Transparency in government and in business can be hard to find. According to entrepreneur James Gutierrez, it may be the one thing that is needed when it comes to creating a path forward in low-income situations. While working with Aura, Gutierrez is helping to provide low-interest loans to people who need financing. But that’s just one piece of a much bigger, more complex puzzle. He is also looking into solutions to make more banking services inclusive and envisions a collective that could provide its customers with ways to get into higher tax brackets as the collective grows. James Gutierrez is also looking to launch a platform that’s tailored to the specific needs of Latin-X and other underserved communities.

James Gutierrez knows that a one-size-fits-all approach leaves people in low-income situations without many options. These are the people who need assistance most, even though in the finance industry right now these are the exact people being shut out of most services. However, James Gutierrez also knows that it goes beyond just the finance industry. With a give and take approach, both the government and companies could work together in order to receive benefits for assisting low-income customers, rather than continuing to turn them away. The plan that Gutierrez has presented is to provide additional government benefits to businesses that provide public reports to shareholders, giving these investors a better picture of where the company stands. Gutierrez wants everyone to get an added value rather than an added penalty when it comes to making positive change in underserved communities.

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